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VCR ORION HQ - $35 (Greenville, SC)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: VCR ~ ORION
model name / number: VR0211B
size / dimensions: 14 inches across front x 9 deep

Not a store or business. ONLY HAVE WHAT AD SHOWS. For sale by owner. $35
VCR ORION HQ, Digital Auto Tracking, Quick Start Full Loading System
Model VR0211B. Standard RCA jacks and cable connectors. S/N 054100453560
No remote. Can get universal.
BEFORE 4 PM show contact info NO text messages. Gville, SC.
Leave YOUR NAME, PHONE# and ITEM [VCR] in message.
No evening show.
Be READY to tell time you will come see anytime during day, Sunrise to 4:00 PM.
No checks, cryptocurrency or online pay services.
"In God we trust, all others pay Cash." El Vendedor No Habla Espanol.
Will meet @ easy common place in GREENVILLE, SC. No parking lot meetings or odd places.
NO SHIPPING, NO delivery to your location. No meet half way.
Individual is selling unneeded, not being used household items, far below cost to clear space.
ALL KNOWN INFO APPEARS IN THIS AD. Once sold, there will not be more. Thanks.
HUMOR SECTION~ Remember what they said:
*Lee Iacocca: "If you can find a better car, then buy it!" and "Lead follow or get out of the way!"
*Packard: "Ask the man that owns one."
*Richard Butterfield: "The quality of the product is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
*Warren Buffet: "The dirt comes out in the rinse cycle." and "Price is what is paid and value is what you get."
*Peter Paul: "Those that can-do. Those that can't-teach. Those that can't teach- teach the teachers."
*Alfred E. Newman: "What me worry?"
*JFK: "We must deal with the world for what it has become, rather than what we had expected it to be."
*Leslie Faye: "Life is not a dress rehearsal."
* Jonathan Swift ~ "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."
* John Bogle: "Information is separate from and building blocks of knowledge. Experience is doing, followed by wisdom learned from outcome."
* Mark Twain: "A man who will not read is just as ignorant as one who cannot read." and
"History does not repeat, but it rhymes."
*Terafumi Sasocki: "Every dog has its day."
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Consequences, not probabilities, determine the decisions that matter."
*"Cash talks and B**L S**T walks." [car salesman said this.]
*Albert Einstein: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."
* "Once you stop learning you start dying."
Thanks for looking. (Are we having fun yet?)
Individual is selling unneeded and not being used household items far below cost.

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