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We will be at the Dacusville Farm Show this weekend Saturday 8/31 & Sunday 9/1!

If you cannot make the show, you can still order our famous carpenter bee traps and kits and our Briarwood Flags (see www.favoriteflags.com for our selection and $3 shipping for any number of flags).

Call us direct to order show contact info . You can also text me questions. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Our main products are:
1. Carpenter Bee Control Kit - $48 + $10 for 2-day shipping
2. Pest Pistol & Diatomaceous Earth(DE) Duster Combo $18 + $5 2-day shipping
3. Case of 6 Cedar Carpenter Bee traps - $99 + $14 2-day shipping
4. Case of 12 Cedar Carpenter Bee traps - $180 + $22 2-day shipping

Our traps are visually attractive and have been approved for use by many Home Owner Associations

The control kit sells for $48 and includes these items ( save $6):
2 each western red cedar traps ( $18 separately)
1 each Pest Pistol® ( $12 separately)
1 each 16 oz bottle of diatomaceous earth ( $6 separately)
(Full descriptions are given below)

For log cabins and larger areas, we offer traps in cases of 12 for $180.

Protect Your Home and Outbuildings!

Many wood-sided homes and wooden outbuildings are plagued every year by hordes of destructive carpenter bees which emerge from winter hibernation with the Spring warm up. They spend the winter with you in those holes/tunnels they make!

You can actually treat those holes/tunnels right now using the Pest Pistol and food grade DE (diatomaceous earth). Since DE is a mineral and does not breakdown and become ineffective in 30 days or less like pesticides, it will be there ready to stop them in their tracks when they crawl out in the Spring.

After feeding on pollen for about 2 weeks the females begin to lay eggs in any suitable place, either an existing tunnel or they (and the male bees) will make a new one. Those eggs hatch and grow into grub worm size larvae which then become new bees and emerge in just 6 weeks. These new bees repeat the process, spreading the wave of wood destruction. This can repeat 3-4 times each year with the last bees going back into hibernation again until the next spring.

[Note: Honey bees and real bumble bees are NOT attracted to these traps as they do not make their home in wooden tunnels, Other wild bees that use small existing tunnels and crevices to lay their eggs are not attracted to these traps either. The pictures show the differences in the carpenter bee(shiny, black butt) and bumble bee(fuzzy, yellow/black butt)]

Control of Carpenter Bees is a 2-Step Process:

Step 1 - Trap and KILL the Egg-laying Female Bees.
Carpenter bee traps work as a decoy providing a ready to use hole/tunnel which saves the bees the trouble of boring a hole. The egg-laden bees enter through one of the holes in the trap and fall into the jar. Male bees also bore holes and are trapped as well. Their instinct to escape is to fly towards the light outside of the jar and the hole they just dropped through is dark, so they are simply trapped circling around in the jar and die from lack of water. Excited bees give off pheromones (bee smell) which actually attracts more bees to their doom. These traps quickly fill with the first spring hatch as there are many more bees than existing holes to use. Unscrew the jar and empty the dead bees as necessary and screw the jar back on.

Step 2 - Stop their existing nest holes from producing new bees using the Pest Pistol® powder duster.
Caulking or otherwise plugging these hole is slow, expensive and largely ineffective; bees can bore out the sides of the wood or just chew through the caulk. To render the nest holes unusable requires an effective duster with a nozzle. The Pest Pistol® is professional quality, virtually unbreakable duster that can quickly shoot diatomaceous earth powder exactly where you need it. You can inject powder into the existing holes before they wake up in the spring and break the life cycle before they get a chance to start their destructive rampage again.

Here's what's in the control kit:
2 of our beautiful western red cedar carpenter bee traps with 1-pint glass mason jars
1 Pest Pistol® - professional powder duster
1 16-oz bottle of diatomaceous earth powder (food grade), enough to treat more than a hundred holes.
Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is completely non-toxic to people, pets, birds and fish. It is used by pest control professionals in hotels, nursing homes and hospitals to control ants, spiders, bed bugs and other crawly pests.
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