PRS Harmonic generator guitar amp - $499

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Great condition. 1990s. And it included the difficulty to find original foot switch. This is a great collectible for the PRS fan. Or a 70 watt amp for anyone

Cash and meet up in woodruff

Copied from web:

PRS HG-70 Harmonic Generator Ampl
Pre-Owned Circa 1990 - Good Condition

In the late 1980's, vacuum tubes used in guitar amps
became scarce as more and more tube manufacturers ceased
production. Paul Reed Smith set out to design a top-flight guitar amp using
transistor technology, and the PRS HG-70 Harmonic Generator
was the result, without doubt one of the sweetest, warmest solid-
state guitar amps ever made.

The Harmonic Generator's circuitry was designed primarily by Eric
Pritchard, currently of Pritchard Amps, and was innovative in two
key ways. First was the use of a harmonic generator (surprise!)
that was used to add additional harmonics to the amp's basic tone
to create a lively, more tube-like sound and response to playing
touch. Secondly, the PRS HG-70 was one of the very few
transformer output-coupled transistor amps ever designed. In essence,
it actually utilizes an output transformer, much like a tube amp.

The PRS HG-70 sports two channels. "Rhythm" produces fat, rich
sounding clean tones, while "Solo" yields overdriven crunch and
lead tones. While the Solo channel is ideal for punchy blues leads
and fat classic rock riffing, it stops short of delivering over-the-
top, max-gain metal or thrash tones. The HG-70 is definitely
geared more toward lush, vintage-flavoured clean and overdrive

70 Watts RMS
2 Separate Preamps (1 for Vintage American Tones, 1 for Vintage British Tones)
Back-Lit Front Panel
Built-In Reverb
Effects Loop (+4db Line Level)
Noise Gate w/ Variable Threshold Solo Channel
Footswitch Channel Switching and Reverb Switching
16-8-4 Speaker Impedance Selector
Equalized Direct XLR Output (EQ'd to resonate like a 4x12 cabinet)
Aux Amp Output

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