2 ferrets (Pelzer)

Male and female ferrets.
They are 5-6 years old, they've had a long life of playtime and treats, which ended when we added 2 children to the small house, and prices went through the roof. The female has a mass growing at the end if her tail, from what I understand it will need to be removed. I am willing to let them go for absolutely no charge, to someone who is willing to take her to the vet to have it removed. They both showed signs of adrenal disease and already have a melatonin implant, which will hopefully curb the disease for the remainder of their lives.

These 2 need a nice retirement home where they can have lots of time outside of the cage and medical care as needed.

Home must have an area in which they can play freely outside of their cage. Owner needs ferret experience. They may be free to aquire, but you will NOT be taking them without spending money. I'll give you 2 ferrets, 2 story ferret nation cage, hammocks, litter, food, everything I've used to take care of them for years. BUT I will only make the exchange at a scheduled veterinary appointment. You make the appointment for 2 ferret checkups at your exotic vet, I will bring them to you at that appointment to ensure they get medical care. You should be prepared to spend several hundred dollars on this, because exotic vets are expensive.

These are loved pets, and are being rehomed because other responsibilities have made it impossible to give them the quality of life they used to have. Even if I could afford their medical care, I have no time to let them out if the cage anymore, and they need interaction. I thought I'd be able to give them more time when my baby got older, but then we accidentally had a second baby, and their lives are slipping past without stimulation, I don't want them to waste away waiting for me to find time for them.

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